A filmmaker down on his luck.

A desert town full of secrets.

An ancient cult reborn.

Benny Hernandez never expected to return to Tres Padres, New Mexico. After a decade of failure in Los Angeles, he has run out of money and options.

When a call comes from his high school sweetheart offering him a paying gig working on a publicity film for the tourist bureau he can’t afford to pass up the opportunity.

What he doesn’t expect to find when he returns home are brutalized bodies left in abandoned cars along the breathtaking mountain roads. When he notices a pattern to the victim’s wounds he believes this could be the kind of story that could put his career back on track.

As he digs deeper into the victims’ lives he discovers they are all connected to a bizarre cult even the people of the neighboring villages believe vanished hundreds of years ago.

This could be the story of a lifetime…if Benny lives to tell it.