The Unfair Love

Ramona Turner had a hard time finding Mr. Right. All she wanted was to be with a man who cherished her. Satisfying sexual desires didn’t hurt, but her Prince Charming was out of reach. Her bad luck with men had become legendary enough that friends made fun of it. None more than her close clique Patricia Parker, Wendy Barker, and Naomi Lewis. The latter the leader and blonde shrew who didn’t tolerate anyone questioning her authority, including boyfriend Walter Dune.
Walter Dune, like Naomi and Wendy, came from money. But that never gave him a loving girlfriend. Naomi’s controlling and vicious ways drove down his self-esteem and worth. To the point, after she dumped him to have sex with Cabana boys, he tried to walk into traffic. Ramona saved his life and took him back to her flat. Unlike the others, she had come from a working-class family and valued life and respecting others. She boosted his self-esteem and told him that he was a good person. They ended up connecting and having sex.
With their new-found feelings, the new relationship had to stay secret. Naomi’s wrath and connection were highly feared. But as their desire and love grew stronger. It was becoming harder to keep things secret between them. Especially when one of the females in the group turned out to be a snake in the grass. Can their relationship survive all the twists and turns? Is love really worth all the hardships that come with it?