Raiyah & Tyson: Show Me Your Love

Raiyah Smith is a force to be reckoned with. Raiyah’s parents are both preachers who have always instilled God into their children’s lives. Raiyah is known as the bad seed, who marched to the beat of her own drums. She is finally free from prison after doing four years. The world is now Raiyah’s oyster to live the right way. She has different plans in mind. By returning to things that once were bad for her, Raiyah is at risk of either dying or ending back in jail.
That is until Raiyah meets her match in the form of a male. Can love change who you are? Tyson believes that love can conquer all of Raiyah’s bad ways. With a little time and patience Tyson feels that he can change Raiyah’s bad girl ways.
Changing is difficult task for anyone. Will Raiyah be strong enough to hang up her criminal past and ride off in the sunset with Tyson? Or will temptation get the best of Raiyah and push her back into the old ways? Find out which path Raiyah chooses.