Perfect Lover: Real story

Writing this book? Was a real challenge for me because in this book I exposed a real story, a story about me loving, cheating, hating, being loved, cheated, hated.
A true loving story between me and a married man who said he had everything possible from his wife but in the same time he was looking for another kind of company, another type of love and passion, something new that with his own wife wasn’t able to perform, even if he was claiming all the time that in his relationship he had all what he needed.
You believe that he was lying or he was telling the true?
We are still together?
There is only one way to find out about this story, only one way to really understand the “Perfect Lover” and how the things started, continued and end up?
Did it really end up?
Who knows.
Why should you read this book?
Because you will understand it only reading it and live it with me while we scroll thru the pages.
I hope you will enjoy it.
Actually I know you will because once in your life you where or you will be a “Perfect Lover”.
Because I started and lived this story on social media and combines the networking with real life, this book is written in correspondence mode.