The Turning: Book 1 (The Bates Sisters)

One day, I’m normal Mary Bates, Chicago Sheriff.
Living an ordinary life with my sisters.
Until I wasn’t….
Now, I’m Mary Bates, part of the fated six prophesized to save mankind.
Mysterious magical powers? Check.
Demons hunting me and my sisters? Check.
Epic battle with the most powerful demon ever known? Double check.
Absolutely no idea what the hell I’m doing? Triple check!
Mary and her sisters are forced to deal with a series of disasters and drama. Having gone through “the turning,” the sisters become the most powerful humans on Earth.
Learning to control their new powers is the least of their worries. Mary and her sisters discover that the turning triggered a centuries old prophecy. One that brought down the wrath of the Master to All.
Now Mary and her sisters must adjust to a new life with magic while being hunted in a series of terrifying events. To make matters worse, they must accept help from an unlikely ally to succeed in fulfilling the prophecy.
Who will die and who will survive? Most importantly, will they succeed?
Find out how the strength, courage, resilience, and tenacity of the Bates sisters play out in their funny and action filled magical adventure. ***WARNING: THIS BOOK CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE AND SCENES. THIS FOR 18+ READERS***