UNfatally Dead:: to thaw or not to thaw?

December 16, 1966, was the date when Walt Disney took his final breath on earth. Supposedly he was placed into cryonic suspension. Now it’s been 50 years. What if the rumors are found to be accurate and that his condition was now manageable, maybe even cured? If you were he and notified by Archangel Gabriel, “People have been frozen before, but so far nobody under my jurisdiction has ever been revived. Should you choose to return, you would be our first… You have been granted special dispensation to walk the earth as a flesh-and-blood mortal.”
This is where it becomes interesting!
Upon deciding to venture forth Disney is asked by his idol/mentor, Samuel Clemens if he might come along for the ride. And for safety’s sake, Gabriel asks for a new soul (naïve) to accompany both men to maintain the sanctity of the timeline continuum’s accuracy, thus keeping the two from possible disrupting with the earth’s Akashic records.
Is that even remotely possible?
What follows is bound to enlighten even the heavy-hearted, dispel any thoughts or misgivings of the men’s ability to remain within the guidelines permitted, and provide you with insights gathered from a fifty-year excursion to determine if Disney will take the opportunity given, or forever remain at the helm of Heaven’s Creative Department.
• Family film competition Finalist at both the Hollywood and Los Angeles Screenplay Contests.
“This is a fantastic, original concept… and treads fresh ground. Standout lines and high concept ideas (are) being tackled for an intriguing read…peppered with references to philosophy, religion, and literature, it explores themes such as life, death, and mortality, critical thinking and philosophy, morality, identity and destiny vs. free will.” Wildsound festival.com.
Time to turn this book over, start at the Prolog, and enjoy the ride through time itself with two iconic and hilarious adventurers, plus a very naïve New soul.