Tales from the Dark Side (Horror Bound Volume Book 1)

Claws and caws, things that scratch, curdled screams, and you’ve been snatched!
Become Horror Bound in this terrifying collection of dismay, when you follow six different tales of fright, through varying levels of consternation.
In a place where agony, profligacy, and bloodlust can take you over, where bones break, and grown men quake in fear, where things go bump, next to you in the night, we hope we will find you there. Read these twisted tales of abhorrence and intrigue, scary enough to curdle your blood and numb your bones.
Are you ready to be taken on the hellish adventure of a lifetime in this, the first volume of “Horror Bound: Tales from the Dark Side” from USA Today Bestselling Author Lianne Willowmoon writing as Elena Blake alongside Author Samara Capaldi? Or will you stay home and wait for it to all come to you? Beware!
The next thrill for fans of Scare Street, Anne Rice, and Ron Ripley!