Passages Through Grace: Life’s True Bucket List

This mixed genre offers challenges and is meant to inspire humans on earth to determine what their ‘true calling may be’ and essential role in making the world a better place, while there’s time. The accountability of each individual is essential. The author intersects personal memoir with general challenges/issues that humans experience. There are some issues that humans have failed to resolve especially highlighting racism and war. What role do you play? Either way, the author suggests not finding the time or to ignore your role can be detrimental which can affect one’s ascendance during and after their time on earth. The author further suggests that humans should start prioritizing their individual and collective “Bucket Lists” that give meaning to their journey on earth vs. wasting too much time in things that don’t matter as we are in the ‘last days’ mode. Finally, the author feels one should seek clarification in his/her spiritual belief system – it matters. ‘Having a sense of urgency’ is required.