The Last Servant of Braebyrn

Sometimes our past lead us to our future.
It was supposed to be a simple flight to England to dig through the old archives at Braebyrn house, but Lois is about to discover much more than some dusty paperwork.
In this wholesome and heartwarming contemporary romance, Lois Brant, no-nonsense businesswoman and owner of a Pittsburgh steel factory, is determined to uncover her family’s past. An intriguing document concerning a loan of £50,000 leads her to the North of England where the Braebyrn family home sits on the borderlands of Scotland, covered in mystery and falling into disrepair. But when Lois meets Benton, the handsome caretaker, her future begins to become just as important as her family’s past.
When Braebyrn begins to reveal its secrets, Lois and Benton discover a love story from the 1920s that’s as full of passion as it is heartache. Caught between her desire to remain behind the protective walls she’s built around herself or let them collapse and embrace a chance at a future she never thought possible, Lois must decide what’s most important to her–a successful career in America or the crumbling, stately Braebyrn home and its charming caretaker.
With the past spilling out into the open, will Lois finally find the answers she so desperately needs and be brave enough to embrace the beginnings of her own love story?
A heartwarming clean romance with no cheating and a guaranteed HEA.