Sweet Serenity

After the death of her mother, Zipporah feels like her world is crashing down on her.
When the pain becomes too much, Zipporah escapes to Kentland, a small picturesque town, which offers her the fresh start she craves. With new friends and a sense of peace, she is moving forward when her life throws her a curveball in the form of Jace, her sexy and charming neighbor.
Could giving in to their off-the-charts chemistry be the key to Zipporah gaining sweet serenity?
All signs point to yes until disturbing events rock her newly crafted world in enter town name. Confused and overwhelmed, Zipporah must make a drastic decision that could change the
course of her and Jace’s lives forever. Once she lets Jace into her heart, she finally understands that she may have been looking for serenity, but what she really needed was love.