Island Seas

Island Seas is a Fantasy novella.
For the residents of Cairi Island, Lightning Cay was a place best left undisturbed. As children, they were all told the stories passed on by the generations before them.
While some viewed the nearby cay with a sense of dread, others, like 12 year old Michael Jones, saw it as the only place he found solace from his thoughts.
Known as the neighborhood troublemaker, Michael is still trying to come to terms with the disappearance of his mother, 6 years ago.
After an emotionally charged confrontation with his stepmother Lucinda, Michael runs away to Lightning Cay and it is a decision that could cost him his life.
Now, as a storm bears down on the Islands, local myths and legends come to life and he and Lucinda will find their will and beliefs tested, beyond their imaginations.