Drunk On A Thugs Love

Skyy Pearson is tired of being controlled and hurt by those she loves. After losing her mother to a drug overdose and living on the streets, Skyy finds solace in Malachi, the man who took her in and made her his girl. But being the girlfriend of such a pretentious, controlling and lying man can quickly take it’s toll. At 23 years old, Skyy has finally had enough of the drama and is ready to do things for herself. Sometimes starting over isn’t easy but when she meets Remy, she realizes that starting over can mean so much more.
Remy Deveaux isn’t thinking about love. When his fiancé and child died, so did his heart. All that’s out there for him is money and hoes. He’s got a good thing going and has plenty of women lining up to do whatever he wants but Skyy proves to be the exception to that.
What starts off as a little freaky fun turns into something that neither one expects. But of course, when something good comes along, a lot of bad tends to follow. Will Skyy and Remys relationship be strong enough to survive their issues or would it be best for both of them to just let go?