PAINT YOUR MIND: 12 Steps to Stop Worrying and Relieve Anxiety by Maya Method

Take The 500-Year-Old Knowledge From a Monk And Train Your Mind to Think Positive And Attract Happiness
It often goes like this – you make a plan, you put it in motion, but the plan either turns out less than stellar or just fails completely. You took all the right steps, followed it to the tee, and you’ve got little to show.
Don’t you think you deserve the success you work for? That you are entitled to have your efforts rewarded?
Then, what’s actually bringing you down?
We tend to chalk our failures to fate, the universe, other people, bad luck. But what if I told you these things probably had nothing to do with it? You just missed the most important factor in the equation – your mindset.You are the person in charge of your own life. Unless you keep thinking the worst is going to happen – you will find success.
The stories of Nadah and the monk were written down for the future generations by Maya, Nadah’s daughter. The combined effort of three dedicated people can now be in your hands, giving you all the weapons, tools and strategies to fight your greatest enemy – negativity.
Thanks to Paint Your Mind, you will discover:The centuries-old, tried and trusted ways of achieving success
The 7 great benefits of positive thinking
What thoughts to avoid to stay on the right track
How to stop worrying about the future and overthinking
How to relieve anxiety attacks and avoid negative thinking
The one thing that should never be mistaken for actual positivity
A simple test to find out whether you are a positive or a negative thinker
How one part of your mind holds the key to success
And much more.Changing the way you think by yourself is no easy feat. This may take a while, but soon after you start, you will discover that things just start falling into place, seemingly on their own. Utilize the comprehensive, thoughtful work of Maya, Nadah and the monk and help yourself. Perhaps the oldest known of all stress management books can help you today.