Unwanted: A Fatherless Daughter Memoir By Patrice N. Henry

Unwanted: A Fatherless Daughter Memoir is a riveting memoir written by Patrice Henry. It details her childhood and adulthood as a fatherless daughter. Her story is raw and uncut. The absence of her father was absolutely devastating. She was depressed for a very large part of her life. Deep scars and invisible wounds left her feeling abandoned and worthless. Not feeling loved throughout her childhood led her straight into abusive relationships and down an outright path of self-destruction. Ultimately in the end, triumph reigns supreme. She didn’t allow her setbacks to define her. Patrice had to embark on her own personal journey of healing and forgiveness. She takes the things she learned and uses it as a platform to help others. As a life coach, she guides others by encouraging them to move past their own obstacles and leading them into a living a more fulfilling future. This book is about her story and empowering those women who have experienced or are experiencing being a fatherless daughter.