Theory of People: Understanding Behaviors, Business, Economics, Feelings, and the Mind

A Revolutionary Scientific Theory

The Theory of People is the result of three years of scientific research. It questions the assumption that exists in social sciences—that human psychology has to be complicated—and offers an insanely simple explanation that can be proven in multiple experiments and real-life.

This 70-page book can be easily applied in cases such as

  • Behaviors: influencing other people, becoming your own psychologist, and understanding terms such as “habits,” “motivation,” and twenty other ones
  • Business: moving your career forward, understanding how to beat your competitors, and understanding why some people inspire others
  • Economics: understanding what economy is all about, how to develop it, and why some countries, businesses, and people are richer than the others
  • Feelings: removing negative feelings, becoming happier, and understanding 15 feelings we encounter every day, such as stress and anger
  • The Mind: learning faster, becoming more intelligent, and remembering more

The best part? The theory takes up only two pages. The rest is real-life applications.