Midlife Mischief

In their midlife, Suzanne and Yasmin both have milestone birthdays coming up.
Life couldn’t get much better for them – their businesses and new relationships are thriving. So, it seems only right to celebrate with a much-needed girly holiday, and numbers soon increase when Suzanne’s two lady employees decide to join them.
Only, their holiday shenanigans bring more than sea, sand and sunburn.
Suspicion was never meant to be on the agenda but when they all awake one morning in disarray, with Suzanne’s knickers missing and foggy brains, they suspect foul play.
The answer might lie in a mysterious photo added onto Suzanne’s mobile phone gallery.
After discovering the photo, will the women cease with their flirtatious frolics, will their menopausal moods get the better of them or is there more to the mysterious photo than they realise?
Read book 3 now to find out!
Author’s note: This book deals with sensitive issues that some readers might find upsetting.