Forward Jump

Do People Still Make Love In The Future? This Mind-Blowing Erotic Sci-Fi Book Will Reveal The Answer!
Would you take part in a time travel experiment?
Would you be happy to test a brand new, life-changing technology?
Or would you be too worried about all the things that can go wrong?
When Sandra Phillips stood in the lab, waiting to be sent into the future, she couldn’t foresee what was going to happen. It was going to be a simple test. But then it didn’t go as expected…
Well, at least the first man Sandra meets in the future is smoking hot.
Forward Jump is an erotic sci-fi book that will tease your imagination and your senses. It’s a superb example of sci-fi erotica: vivid, sophisticated, and creative. Detailed descriptions of futuristic technology alternate with thrilling erotic scenes. The heroine’s strong, appealing personality is sure to fascinate you more and more with every chapter you read. The masterful storytelling will keep you in suspense until the very end of the book.
Here’s what makes this book special:
– A detailed sci-fi setting that goes beyond clichés
– Rich descriptions that will tickle your imagination
– Erotic tension that grows and subsides rhythmically, preparing you for the climax of the story
– A heroine that you’ll be genuinely curious about
– A masterfully crafted storyline that will keep you glued to your Kindle until you finish the last page!
Forward Jump is written in exquisite language that carefully avoids unnecessary obscenity. Written from a woman’s point of view, it focuses on female erotic experiences – making this book highly appealing to women, though men will appreciate it, too.
Do you wonder what the future looks like?