Absentminded Amelia

Amelia Cornwall, an absentminded music instructor, has been dismissed without notice from her position at the orphanage, because they’ve completely run out of funds. If it wasn’t for a happenstance peek at a newspaper clipping, advertising the services of the Boomtown Mail Order Brides Company, she might very well have spent her next night on the street.
Cattle rancher Nathan Jagger has recently taken custody of a rambunctious niece and nephew in desperate need of a woman’s nurturing and guidance. When a fellow cowpoke recommends sending off for a mail-order bride, he sees an opportunity to skip the troublesome interview process and provide them with a nanny, mother, and everything else all at once, leaving him free to return to his roping and ranching.

It’s a tidy little marriage contract that’ll provide the perfect solution to both Amelia and Nathan’s problems — or at least that’s the plan. But everyone knows what they say about best-laid plans!