Keto Strong: The Beginners Guide to High Performance Keto

Are you an athlete who wants to increase power, strength, or endurance significantly?
Maybe you are a person who works out and is looking for an extra boost in his or her performance?
Or maybe, you are just looking for a proven diet solution that is going to support you long term?
If at least one of these questions got you interested, then keep reading…
“KETO STRONG” – an advanced Ketogenic Diet guide for the current or future athletes and people who want to build their athletic performance.
The Ketogenic diet has been around since the beginning of the 20th century. After a disease healing discovery, this diet became even more popular. For years this diet has been used to treat diseases like epilepsy, type 2 diabetes, later on, it became popular to treat a very common problem in our society called “OBESITY,” but only a few scientists talk about the benefits of Ketogenic diet not only for weight loss or diseases but also for performance increase in various sports.
Endurance, Strength, Power, even Muscle building, can be significantly increased while using Keto Methodology. Here are a couple more benefits you may experience in your athletic journey:
•Better body composition
•Burn more fats
•Reduce recovery time
•Decrease cravings
After years of studying the research and practicing Keto methodology, I decided to create a fundamental guide that will touch more people around the globe and help them to build up the results they want in the shortest time possible.
Here are a couple of things you will get ut of my book:
•30-day meal plan for your athletic goals
•Potential benefits of the keto diet for athletes
•How to combine Intermittent Fasting and Keto
•Foods to eat and avoid on Keto Diet
•Downsides of Keto for athletes and ways to overcome them
•Ketogenic diet advice for complete beginners
•Keto Cookbook- over 60 delicious recipes to keep you motivated and enjoying the process
•Much more…
I think you should not wait any longer and experience it yourself.