The Firestick Phenomenon: The Evolution of Television in 2020 & All-In-One Guide to Free Video Streaming

This Book Is For Everyone

This book may quite literally change your life regarding the way you watch TV and how much money you spend on subscription fees. The average consumer in the USA spends well over $100 for their monthly cable and Internet service, in many instances exceeding $200, and that’s not including additional fees for subscriptions to streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

The way consumers watch television has changed significantly over the past few decades, and it will benefit you to educate yourself on what those changes mean and what the best available options are in 2020 and beyond. In The Firestick Phenomenon, the best tips and tricks as to what make the Amazon Fire TV devices so awesome to use are brought directly to you from an experienced user and enthusiast.

You’ll get the most relevant information on optimizing your Fire TV devices for the best user experience, the fastest methods to install software applications, and find out how to gain access to more content than cable and streaming services typically offer. Readers will become informed on why it makes more sense to use Amazon’s Fire TV Stick or an Android media streaming box such as the Nvidia Shield for all your video streaming needs.

Cancel Those Costly Monthly Subscriptions

By purchasing this Kindle book for a fraction of the cost of one month of a standard Netflix subscription, you will gain access to apps that have access to practically everything you could possibly want to watch, without limitations! This means you can start watching virtually limitless movies and TV shows in the hour or less it takes to read this book! Think of the savings of subscribing only to an Internet service compared to bundling a cable package and adding streaming services…how much money would this save you each month?

This guide is geared towards Amazon’s Fire TV devices, but also touches base on the installation of the best apps for Android-based media streaming devices as well. These methods can also be applied to Amazon Kindle Fire tablets and Android tablets. This ensures more users can benefit from the information provided!