A man in 3 months

A Sweet and Steamy Curvy Girl Romance
The account of Maurine Fisher’s childhood can probably be ably defined as the Diary of the Fat White Kid. She is the first of five daughters (children) and grows up to become the relationship column editor of the Alabama Metro, having the biggest readership of all the columns in the newspaper. Maurine is a success, career-wise but relationship-wise, a failure. She is a 37-year-old spinster who catches bouquets at her sisters’ weddings. She is completely dissatisfied with life, that is until she meets Lukas.
And yes, lest this point is inexplicably missed, she’s got a best friend, Jameson Poulter, who she once had a childhood crush on and with whom she shares her most important relationship.
Jameson is the gay (not gay) best friend to Maurine. He sticks around with her until a night to remember causes friction in their relationship. When Maurine goes ahead to get a boyfriend, things fall apart. Hard luck follows and Maurine tries to pick things up but between her and James, but things couldn’t be worse.
Follow a story that shows love springing in the unlikeliest of places and how only the best dreams come true.
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