Joe felt the raven’s gaze penetrate his own, drilling deep into the back of his skull, planting something … it held him there, kept him close, would not let him go. He did not want to go, he felt no urge to rush home, to leave. He felt safe in the creature’s grasp, secure. Until the raven spoke into his mind.
The village was perfect for writer Paul Darrington – quaint, out of the way, a place to retreat from the horror of his wife’s death, a place to bring up his son and move on with his life, his writing, his career.
But Paul soon discovers the place has a dark and malevolent past – a past shadowed in jealousy, murder and witchcraft, a past that will not remain dead and buried. An electrifying tale of jealousy and revenge, a gory, glorious story that will exhilarate lovers of horror fiction.