Life Strategies for Teenagers: Positive Parenting Tips and Understanding Teens for Better Communication and a Happy Family

Your teen is a child who is old enough to understand, but is still young enough to be pliable.”
In Life Strategies for Teens, author Bukky Ekine-Ogunlana draws on 14 years of experience working with teenagers and their parents to offer proven methods for improving family communication skills, learning positive parenting and positive discipline methods and strategies for dealing with teen cell phone use and social media safety.
In this book, you will learn valuable teen communication tips:
How to understand teens – what teenage girls and boys really mean when they talk and interpreting non-verbal communication
How to recognize teen depression and proven methods for dealing with it
Parenting skills for dealing with disappointment and shortcomings
Positive reinforcement practices for praising successes and encouraging growth
How to monitor teenage cell phone, video game and social media usage, without causing a family meltdown
How to curb nonchalance and defiant behavior with positive dialog and setting a good example
How to raise a responsible, moral and purpose-driven teenager that you can be proud of
Your children’s teenage years are when you should let them explore their grоwing teen independence, yet gently reel them in once in a while to make behavior adjustments as needed. Think of it as parental ‘product testing’. That means a lot of trial-and-error blanketed in love, before you proudly and confidently release your masterpiece into the world market!