Alien Roadkill-Dealbreaker: Book 1

The adventure begins when JB Tucker, a simple, backwoods country boy–born and raised in the Carolina swamps–accidentally becomes infected with tiny, autonomous alien tech.
The hundreds of millions of sub-molecular robots coursing through his bloodstream have evolved far beyond their original design and capabilities. The freak pairing of the off-world medical protocols and JB’s unique human body chemistry result in immediate and dramatic consequences.
Now, relentlessly hunted by off-worlders intent on both the retrieval of their stolen technology and his utter destruction, JB finds himself thrust into the center of an intergalactic conflict that he can neither comprehend, nor escape.
If he’s going to save the planet, he’ll have to save himself first. On the run, barely one step ahead of his alien pursuers, he’s only beginning to understand the enormity of what’s at stake. And, as JB struggles to survive and copes with the ever-expanding intelligence and power of the alien tech within him, he also needs to unravel the mystery of why the aliens are on Earth–before he–and the rest of us, run out of time. This sci-fi thriller offers a whole new take on the genre, so buckle up and come along for the ride!
Here’s what they’re saying about the Alien Roadkill Series:
“This series, was worth every moment… Funny, yet smart and sassy!”
“…Imaginative plot and a butt load of aliens to twist the story every which way.
Great series!”
“I have read all four Alien Roadkill books… I awarded 5 stars because of the quality of the writing, credible characters, and the vivid descriptions.”
“…Alien Roadkill is well on its way to becoming a sci fi classic!”
“…Very entertaining and innovative sci-fi. It should become a major film or high-end TV series.”