The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

This story follows a young woman named Scarlet, who’s eager to start college to escape her dysfunctional home life. Her father mysteriously walked out on her family when she was six, leaving her to take care of her alcoholic mother in the years that followed.
Scarlet enters college with a hopeful outlook, ready to pursue her dreams of becoming a writer. She soon joins a close-knit group of friends with their own troubled past, who show Scarlet how experimentation helps them manage their personal demons. Just as she starts having what she thinks is the time of her life, she receives a disturbing call that sends her back home for a short hiatus.
Once there, Scarlet discovers a dark family secret that could give her some answers as to why her father left all those years ago – but will the truth be too much to bear? Follow her struggle as this newfound information forces Scarlet’s past and present to collide, leading her to stagger between college experimentation and full-blown addiction as she tries to cope.