No More Masks: How to overcome darkness and live in the light

This true story of Lorna’s traumatic experiences growing up as a child in her country Jamaica. She was sexually abused, physically abused, and lost. Feeling all alone; the emotional and mental pain nearly destroyed her life. She carried all the hurt within her for several years until she became aware that something was wrong with her! Because of all the bad choices, she was making in her life. She cried out to the one person she heard about years before, The man name Jesus, that there must be more to life than this. .Her prayers were answered supernaturally. Taking her on a journey to healing her wounded soul. This book is to help empower, motivate, inspire, and transform lives. To resonate with the reader and to send them on their journey for supernatural divine healing. What Jesus has done for me; He will do for you. He’s no respecter of person.