London in a Weekend with Two Kids: A Step-By-Step Travel Guide About What to See and Where to Eat

Don’t have time to plan your family trip to London with children? Overwhelmed by the thousands of reviews, articles, and books about what you can do in the city?


London in a Weekend with Two Kids” will help you plan for your trip using a step-by-step itinerary. It’s a thoroughly-researched book that’ll tell you exactly what to do with your family when you’re short on time.


DOWNLOAD :: London in a Weekend with Two Kids – A step-by-step travel guide that explains how to explore London with children and where to stay in London with kids)


Note: This is NOT an extensive London travel guide. It is a super-short book that’ll help you spend less time on reading and researching about your trip and more time on enjoying London with children.


Here’s what you’ll learn:



    • What to do before your trip


    • What “must-see” landmarks you should visit with your kids


    • The recommended duration to spend at each location


    • Approximate price ranges for tickets and restaurants


    • The free apps to download for your trip


    • The things to see in London for kids


    • The best place to have afternoon tea in London with kids


    • Where to find the best food in London



And much, much more things to see in London for kids.