Weirdo: Landmark story of an Autistic educator who weathered a hurricane of bullying from the very leadership whose pledge was support those of Special Needs

The battle for equal rights in the work environment has been waging for generations. In WEIRDO, Xander Bell, a simple teacher is pushing for equality for all autistic people who face severe bullying from their own employers. Chronicling his experience within the inner-city school and his role as a social studies teacher with autism. The book throws an ominous shadow over how leadership manages their disabled employees. His unnerving battle of the consistent bombardment of administrators who are forcing him to quit teaching. The district leaders will do anything to fulfill the supreme commander, the superintendent, and his direct orders to ‘Get rid of the Weirdo’! A legal battle will ensue after the harsh terrorizing tactics of the district. A conflict so enormous, this will reach all the way to the White House. An intense and vivid personal account of a teacher who wasn’t willing to give up. Xander Bell’s WEIRDO is a must-read for anyone who is dealing with people of the Autism Spectrum, educators or anyone who is dealing with discrimination in the workplace.