My Clean Psychic Experiences: Telepathy, Astral Journeys, Magick, Aliens, Spiritual Beings and Prophecies are Real

Real stories of clean psychic experiences along more than 30 years. By clean it means that they were obtained without the influence of drugs or alcohol because the author is a teetotaler.
Stories of events foreseen in a dream that became true.
Stories of experiments with telepathy and telekinesis that worked.
Stories about UFOs, telepathic contact with aliens.
Stories about the evocation of an archangel and the result of a ritual of union with an Egyptian god.
Stories about past lives.
Read about sessions of questions and answers with angels and demons and learn how to communicate with a pendulum with them.
Stories of astral journeys or out-of-body experiences, and an entire chapter on how to achieve them with the best method I found.
Instruction and tips on how you can repeat many of these experiments by yourself.