“Pride cannot be taken from anyone, you can only lose it and those who have no pride will not lose it, and with me they will learn what pride is.”
“You want to fight for your own pride. You said yourself that pride cannot be taken from anyone, only you can lose it yourself. Those who fight for it are the ones who don’t have it, so who do you want to fight for it? If you lost it yourself, you will probably have to fight yourself for it.”
“I can’t fight myself.”
“If you do not achieve what you wanted to, then you lose not against an opponent, but against yourself, as your own mistakes have caused your loss. Those who don’t make mistakes don’t lose. We make mistakes because of our own weaknesses and misunderstandings. Win with your own weaknesses and you will be invincible, understand everything and you will understand what to do to win. However, remember that once you get to the top, you can trust only those who are with you regardless of your achievements.”