A Bride for Daniel

Emma Butler is devastated to find her life spiraling out of her control. She is married by proxy at the moment war begins in her own home of Lexington, Massachusetts. The ‘shot heard round the world’ is volleyed directly in front of her, leaving her an orphan. To make matters even more tragic, her new husband never arrives to claim her. The ideas of life, liberty, and happiness seem so far away as she struggles to get by in a world she no longer recognizes. Just when things begin to settle down, she comes face to face with her missing groom, Daniel Knox.
Daniel Knox has had his life put forcibly on hold when he is pressed into service for the King’s Navy. Betrayed, alone, and with nowhere to go – he heads for the one spark of hope that he remembers from years ago, praying for a second chance at happiness with Emma, his Proxy Bride