The Promissory Note

THE PROMISSORY NOTE is a near future science fiction vignette about dreams & justice.
In 2075, three women in their twenties distinguished themselves fighting with the Resistance to Restore the US Constitution—the Midnight Riders. Why would these heroes put their lives on the line for the sake of an ideal?
Sixteen years earlier. Nicole Parnell, aged eight, introduced her friends, nine-year-old Shadya Diaz and five-year-old Erika Beck to her thrice great grandmother Nikki whom they called Nina.
This is not a story of heroics on the battlefield. It is a coming-of-age narrative, a tale of triumph of the spirit as Nina shared her wisdom with the three children. Her most cherished memory came from 1963 when, at thirteen years of age, she journeyed with her parents from Atlanta to Washington DC to hear a great man speak. One hundred years later, Martin Luther King Jr.’s words continued to inspire.