Emotional Intelligence: Discover the proven guides of mastering social skills, improving your relationships, increasing E.Q. and to achieve higher self … Psychology, Improve Communication Skills)

Use These Powerful and Proven Guides of Mastering Your Emotional Intelligence. These skills will enhance your social skills, relationships; boost your EQ as well as achieving higher self Today!!

Sometimes we stumble across individuals with unique traits who are not just intelligent but empathetic, personable and possess an exceptional ability to skillfully handle interpersonal relationships. These individuals possess a sound awareness of their own and others’ emotions and have an innate ability acknowledge them and behave accordingly. We may call these people emotionally intelligent.

People with brilliant academic backgrounds are sometimes left clueless to find some of their peers with weaker academic knowledge, managing to grab the attention of their bosses either with their sound performance and/or unique behavioral traits, and quickly getting promoted. They had an equal amount of opportunities to communicate with their managers. Yet, some managed to leave a positive impression and progressed as a result, despite their relatively weaker performance, while others despite their sincerity to their works and better performance, went unrewarded.

We see tons of examples where people with less knowledge and intellect with higher social functioning ability somehow managed to ascend the peak of success we ever dreamt of. Furthermore, they have highly intellectuals working for them and following commands. These individuals have a powerful emotional ability that enables them to stand out from the crowd. With this ability, they can effectively communicate to persuade others to accept their point of views. With the help of their emotional mastery, they become able to communicate everything that will contribute to their career growth. This ability not just give them a good edge compared to their peers, but help them to ear a general goodwill to most people of their organization.

People naturally like them and establish them as someone who is trustworthy and a great person to work with. They are gracious with their words as they are outstanding in their performance. We call their trait, “Emotional Intelligence (E.I.)”. This quality is so powerful that it closes the gap between people who have very little or almost nothing in common.
People with higher Emotional intelligence possess greater empathy and are loved and revered by others. They are not only successful in their personal and professional life, but they are also happier than the rest. They are supportive, co-operative and obtain supports and sincere co-operation from their friends and peers. They enjoy a life of harmony. That’s why once overlooked, emotional intelligence is increasingly gaining more attention of the psychologists and researchers.

This book will help you understand Emotional Intelligence better and you will learn how you can start boosting your EQ now in order to be more productive, have inner peace and live a happy life again. As you well know, money cannot buy happiness!! So find yourself some time to learn and master these important skills. You Need This Book.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn..

  • Emotional Intelligence as a Personality Trait (IQ vs IE, Emotion And Impulse)
  • Emotional Distress and Tolerance Threshold
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence and Being in the Flow (Cultivating Awareness, Inner Child Exercise)
  • Mastering Social Skills (Our Perception and Communication, Breaking The Barrier of Low Self-Esteem, Understand Your Strengths and Weaknesses, Becoming More Approachable to Social Situation, Being A Good Listener, Understand the Non Verbal Clues)
  • And Much, Much More!