The Erotic Adventures of Johnny Johnson: An Autobiography*

Romance just got Rebooted. Raunchier and funnier than ever.

When a lonely twenty-four year old virgin wakes with a surprisingly well-endowed body, his elation quickly turns to misery as the doctor gives him 24 hours to live. With nothing to lose he embarks on his first, and probably final day of debauchery, but will he discover something that has eluded him his whole life… true love?

This book is crude, crass and perverted.
I’m begging you; do not under any circumstances read this book.
Unless, of course, you are crude, crass and perverted yourself, in which case you might find it funny.
Names have been changed to protect the innocent. Oh, and the adulterers too.

“Smart, sexy and sophisticated. Johnny will blow your socks off!”
—Bianca Vandersnatch, Billionaire Diamond Tycoon
“Touching, emotional and genuine. The sexiest thing to take to bed this season.”
—Zoey Beaver, Free Spirit and Reincarnated Cleopatra