Restore Trust: Economic Solutions to Current Social and Political Issues in the U.S.

Why can’t America eliminate poverty? Because the system is rigged in favor of the ruling elite, and the American people are too distracted by long work days, sports, and entertainment to take serious interest in political issues that impact their daily lives. Swiss Economist, Werner Neff, argues that the American dream is now an American nightmare, and only the American people can spearhead a movement to command change from political leaders.

In RESTORE TRUST, Economic Solutions to Social and Political Issues in the U.S., Neff provides thorough contemplative analysis on systemic poverty traps, the distortion of democratic principles as well as voter suppression and confusion. He calls for the rise of minimum wages, the elimination of social programs as income subsidies, putting an end to gerrymandering, and increased voter participation. The book sends the reader on a purposeful journey to understand the pitfalls of U.S. politics, and lays out a plan for Americans to reclaim their freedom and prosperity.

Some topics:
• Low minimum wages lead to the entitlement society
• Poverty Traps are the result of insufficient legislation concerning health insurance, retirement plans, part time work, and more
• Large scale tax avoidance results in lack of funding for infrastructure, public education, and environmental protection
• Americans vote for their dream and not for their reality – the American voting paradox
• The American Dream as an illusion