Australian Diaries

The book will take you to the wild Australian Outback and the island of Tasmania. You will find some rare animals described, along with a unique nature. The Outback is the Red Australia from movies where the time had stopped somewhere in the past. Inhabited by proud, strong and honest people, capable to survive the harsh climatic conditions, it is still a place where a person can leave the civilization behind. Water is scarce, vegetation is rough and durable and some of the most venomous animals live there. Port Hedland is the largest industrial port of Australia and Pilbara is one of the most preferred places to work, despite the difficult conditions. Meet the famous Tasmanian devil. Tasmania is the gateway to the Antarctic and one of the few places in the world with the purest water and air. It was a prison in the past but nowadays Tasmania attracts tourists and immigrants from all over the world. The author spent a year in Tasmania and Pilbara, with family and experienced the beauty of the country, with all difficult and enjoyable moments.