Introducing Mindful Meditation for Teens: A Step-by-step Guide to a Meaningful Existence

Wondering How to Effectively Manage Your Thoughts and Emotions?

Looking to find freedom from negative thoughts of the past and future?

“Mindfulness Meditation for Teens” offers constructive advice for teenagers seeking to effectively manage their thoughts and emotions. Beginning with a chapter examining the difference between awareness and autopilot, modern teenagers will learn to conquer the problems and challenges of life in order to guarantee a well-balanced and harmonious future. Meditating on life in the current moment, readers will learn to be aware of the present and find peace in freedom from negative thoughts of the past and future.

In “Mindfulness Meditation for Teens,” you’ll learn how to:

1.) Conquer the problems and challenges of life.

A well-balanced and harmonious future depends upon learning the difference between being aware of your surroundings and functioning on autopilot. It is amazing how awareness of one’s surroundings can change one’s every day perspective.

2.) Discover and develop your identity.

In the transition from childhood to adulthood, teenagers often set out to discover who they are without any kind of guidance or roadmap whatsoever. This book offers some of that guidance.

3.) Navigate the warzone of physical, mental, and emotional upheaval.

The once tranquil life of childhood is upended by a new level of peer-pressure and a desire for complete independence. Learn how to calmly approach multi-faceted problems.

4.) Find solace in the here and now.

In addition to counseling teenagers to find solace in the here and now, “Mindfulness Meditation for Teens” gives advice on embracing the power of your mind, building self-compassion and core mindfulness skills, and preparing for a mindful journey to a balanced life. Embracing the science of mindfulness through this informative resource is the first step to letting go of anxiety and stress and learning to embrace the moment.