The Stranger

The Stranger is a sci-fi apocalyptic tale with moralistic issues involving the fight between love and evil and its repercussions on our planet.
Rhys, an advanced being from another planet, is sent on a mission to Earth in order to determine the planet’s destiny and whether it’s worth saving, but his judgement is in danger of becoming clouded when he meets and falls in love with Carla, a human who is passionate about making a difference in climate change and other humanitarian issues.
The balance of life on Earth depends upon Rhys’s recommendation to the League of Galaxies. But how will Rhys choose between his mission and his love for an Earthling who is intent on saving her planet? Rhys is forced to weigh up the collective evil on Earth and its causal effect on the greater good of other life in the universe against the love he has for one woman.
This is not simply a tale of love between two beings, but a story of the unconditional and sublime love that can exist between two people, and which is the force that drives the cosmos.