He Lives: A Living Testimony

These testimonies are of my walk and awakening on this earth with The Creator and His Creation. Opening my eyes and heart to The Creator has given me insight about His Spirit and who the First Son was. You must want this walk for yourself. You must “Ask, Seek and Knock.” The Creator is waiting with open arms. You must do your homework by dividing the Word of God. You will not remain the same. No man can give you the understanding that comes through The Spirit of God. The Natural Laws of God were given to you at birth. These Rights are not created by humans but are your birthright endowed to you by The Creator of the Universe. They are your inheritance. We were many from one but have become one from many, a democracy. The only way out of the deception is through word of mouth, one to another. “No man can serve two masters, for he will hate the one and love the other.”
The Great Work is to end slavery. This should be a shared responsibly to help in awakening others. Speaking the truth unapologetically even when we feel burden and or uncomfortable. So “Ask, Seek and Knock.” Study to show yourself approved and do not leave your salvation up to any man. The Creator does work through men, but the relationship should be a vertical one, you and The Creator.