What If – An Anthology of 13 Short Stories

Asking the simple question, what if; the answer is conveyed in 13 short stories where ONeal pushes the limits of imagination, as in “August 14, 2022”, when a man awakens one morning, knowing when his life will end in the future, and in the story “9 Lives”, when a cats devoted love of a little girl, is willing to sacrifice each of its nine lives to protect her from danger. In “The Shadow”, a malevolent spirit of a six year old girl, long dead, wanting to return to the living world, by taking over the body of another six year old girl, Ten years later!. With the combination of fantasy, the paranormal, ghosts, sci-fi horror, and the unexplained, ONeal’s characteristic dark humor, with a savory taste for the macabre and the unknown, extends the bounds of the predictable, and brings the reader to the brink of sanity and insanity, loneliness and friendship, and into the horrors of human and inhuman existence.
Fans of Dean Koontz, Stephen King, Michael Crichton, and tv shows like “Amazing Tales”, and “The Twilight Zone”, will enjoy this anthology of unique and diverse stories, where some may leave you breathless. What If, celebrates the mysteries of the world and the unexplained that encompasses each of our minds, and articulates how fast time flies. Never forget that time has been the most valuable thing we can spend, ONeal says, so spend it wisely, and don’t throw it away.