A Fantasy Sci Fi that will change the way you view the precious water planet.
Recommended for Young Readers.
This is Fantasy Sci Fi at its best. Power, Romance, Action, Destiny.
Lord of Water – Deep in a hidden sector of the Milky Way, a deep and evil event is about to occur. A dark and evil alien force emanating from the black universe is closing in with the intention of global evaporation.
Landed on a precious water planet with no technology other than the friendship of his loyal but mighty team, Lord of Water takes on an evil so unimaginable that it may well be the end of such a precious water planet and for what has been since time began, a hidden secret of this universe.
It is a race against the solar rotation of the globe as forces both good and of evil, close in on the race to protect or destroy this water planet wonder:
A planetary culture of clean spiritual and worthy people.
Unaware of the threat that dawns upon them.
A global culture that somehow bypassed the electronic age that live in harmony with a high level of moral value and international trade that moves with the ebb and flow of the tides.
Strange, powerful and spiritual creatures all live in harmony with each other. Why should it be any other way. Yet, a threat to the immortality of this planet lurks very closely.
Join our Lord of Water on his fantasy scifi mission to protect and preserve yet another precious water planet of this universe.
You will be enchanted by the gorgeous Mila and entertained by our cheeky but loyal deck crew. It is a special time and a time that no race deserves to lose. Will this planet continue as it has for so many millenia past?
The first of an incredible Sci Fi Trilogy begins on this tranquil and precious water planet. Where does true evil emerge from and why target such a place. What is the treasure.
If you are a fan of Love, Truth, Honour and Duty, you will be completely captivated in the journey to follow. Climb aboard the Draw Boat and join Lord of Water on this mission and impossible task at hand.