Hunky Dory: Tristan & Joyce

The story of a boy who fell to Earth, and landed in Didsbury.
Hunky Dory is a brand new series of short stories, blending science fiction with kitchen sink drama. In post-war Manchester, the turbulence and upheaval of the 1960s is seen through the eyes of 9 year old Joyce and 14 year old Tristan.
“These days when I think of my brother, all the faces I ever knew him to have are blended together: a small boy turns a perplexed gaze to me in a burning field at the same as a zealot of uncertain religion declaims from a pulpit, high on LSD. He stands in amber, preserved for the ages.
Tristan Starbuck is not a man you are likely to have heard of (unless your interests are very obscure), nor is he a man who by most metrics would be considered good or important. But he is my brother, and I believe him to be the best and most extraordinary person I ever came across. I have decided to tell his story – as difficult as it may be to put much of it into words – because after all, I believe that it is emblematic, of something.”