The Phat Girlz Club

Carmen, Nicki, Sherry and Danielle have been best friends since they were ten-year-olds. Even from a young age, bonds of respect and love bound them, and they honored these bonds through their monthly Girlz Meeting where they gathered and furthered their relationship, set plans and goals for themselves and took charge of their own lives. They expected that they would be friends forever, but with age came hardships and the ladies of the Girlz Club found themselves struggling, more than they ever expected to, against various vices and ghosts from their pasts.

Despite the difference in their struggles, they still manage to share one burden- they have all used weight gain as a coping mechanism for their problems in life. As they try to navigate through their problems and battle insecurities due to their weight, they eventually drift away from each other, each of them shying from the Girlz Meeting and what it represents- honesty, sisterhood and transparency. Will they be able to let go of their pasts and shed the weight of their burdens together?