Miscarriage of Justice: 1 & 2

Elias Nicholas specialises in making money in prison. The cruel, twisted prisoner occupies with the sadistic pleasure derived from using physical and emotional torture to produce dramatic result on his victims, is Lord of the Prisons.

But after the police comes back from public criticism, a selection of EFCC is tasked with restoring the undermined police authority, a development which is the most brain-cracking challenge of Nicholas prison service career.

As Nicholas story wriggles, slowly spotlighting the horrific truth of his imprisonment and his malice, the anti graft agents wonder if they can stop him from taking revenge upon his abusers.

When this truth of his imprisonment becomes a public knowledge, Elias Nicholas feels that the system has hurt him. Now, it is his turn to hurt. He goes into an elaborate plan of operation.
Then, something went wrong. The operation doesn’t turn out to be as it is on the clock. So, it is certain that the former Lord of the Prisons will die. But before then, Nicholas wants to know something: an understanding of his death. And his killer wonder how this will help him to go to his death.