The 15 Minute Keto Diet Breakfast Cookbook: 7 Quick & Easy Keto Recipes for Beginners, Prepared in 15 minutes or Less!

Jumpstart Your Keto Journey―Quick, Simple & Easy.
When I starting the keto diet, it was overwhelming. There was so much to learn and too many resources with conflicting information. I just needed something quick and easy to cook for me and my family.
Why wasn’t there a simple Keto Cookbook with a handful of good Keto Recipes I could prepare and not take forever? Most Keto Cookbooks had way too many choices and very difficult and time-consuming recipes that were frustrating for a Beginner, like me.
I decided to create just that for others like me!
If you’re a Beginner on the Keto Diet or a Time-crunched individual looking for Quick, Healthy Keto Recipes, this series is for you. I’ve Compiled a Handful of Mouth-watering Recipes that are Super-easy to prepare and take no time to make.
In this Breakfast Edition, you’ll find:
The Complete Ketogenic Diet for Beginners you’ll get 7 Breakfast Recipes (A Week’s Worth) that are:
*Quick & Easy to Make
*Healthy & Delicious
*All Under 15 minutes to Make!
My hope is to help you easily start you Keto Diet without the trouble.
Enjoy and Thank You!