Easter A Novel

Rev. Henry “Bud” Caine has celebrated Easter every year surrounded by the traditions of his mother’s faith. Now, on this particular Easter, after reflecting on the relationships he’s had – and lost – over the last 28 years, he puts his Christian heritage on trial by asking the most painful questions he has ever asked.
Told in a quartet of voices, Easter is a somber reflection on faith and life. George, Bud’s younger brother, finds a reflection of his own fractured mind in the splintered America of the 1950s and 1960s. Karl, Bud’s brother-in-law, finds himself haunted every day by his mother’s death when he was eight years old. Andy, Bud’s childhood friend, tries to find space for himself in his father’s religion. Confused, abandoned, and bullied by the Church, all four men struggle to find an adult faith that answers their needs. As Bud confronts an Easter with a remote God and distant salvation, he searches for hope and resurrection in the life before him. A warm and intimate exploration of religion, America, family, and friends, Easter reminds us that the only life we have is the moment we are in, and embracing such a truth is itself a celebration of life.