The Steps: 12 Secrets To Raising Happy and Successful Kids

The Steps: 12 Secrets to Raising Happy and Successful Kids is the ultimate parenting guide, all based on the most recent scientific discoveries but with a twist: It is narrated in a fictional format and is, thus, easier to understand and much more fun.
With this audiobook, you will:
Learn the 12 steps to raising happy and successful kids
Understand the value of communication and connection from an early age
Develop your children’s values, deliberate practice, and growth mind-set
What’s in it for you (and your kids)?
Follow the story of Estela, a successful journalist, who encounters a young boy who knows how to read better than most adults.
Intrigued with the exceptional ability of the boy, she finds out that he attends the Awake Clinic, where the renowned neuroscientist Dr. Michael Jansen works.
There, Estela finds out about “the steps”, an innovative protocol, based on the recent advances of science and psychology. The protocol targets the development of communication and language of the child, early reading, creativity, self-control, discipline, grit, and values, among others, to give them the right tools to promote the cognitive, psychomotor, and affective behaviors of babies, children, and adolescents.
Dr. Michael Jansen decides to share with Estela and her readers the 12 steps from the protocol. In the meantime, she finds out about her pregnancy. What better time to check if the steps really work?
This thinly veiled story will give you a first-row seat to 12 game-changing parenting lessons. By the end of this informative parenting audiobook, you will be able to:
Communicate better with your child which in turn will build an iron-clad relationship
Promote focus, creativity, and self-control which will help to create a balanced young adult