Greek Mainland Vampires: An erotic vampire thriller set in Greece and Italy. (The Greek Vampire Series Book 2)

Maria has left her small Greek island and settled in a small Athens flat. Being thrice-bitten she is vamp and able to extend, by biting, the orgasms of her boss and lover, the once-bitten Jenny, who pays for Maria’s flat, clothes and car.Young women, similar to Maria and Jenny are going missing from all over Greece, but not turning up dead or blood-drained, therefore, Jenny’s vampire turning department are not yet involved. Knowing that a day will come when it’s announced that vampire involvement has been proven and will require Jenny’s immediate results, Maria is asked to look into things on her days off.This fast-paced thriller takes Maria to Italy (where she meets the dreamy Rocco of Mafia fame and his translator, the equally dreamy Francesca), back to Athens and to the Greek island of Samos. Love making scenes are explicit and involve those that are straight, lesbian and bi. This is a stand-alone novel and book two of a series. Book one, Greek Island Vampires can be later read as a prequel, if required. Book three, Greek Cypriot Vampires follows on closely from this novel.Stephenson Holt is a UK author and can be followed on Amazon Authors or at or any social media described before and after this novel.