One Small Pebble … A Thousand Ripples by Les Gee

Ravaged by political instability and famine, 1930s’ southern China offered very little hope for a fatherless young boy gathering pig dung for fertilizer. Follow his odyssey as a “paper son” immigrant to Gum Shan (“Golden Mountain” . . . America) in pursuit of a better destiny for himself and his future family. Experience his challenges in assimilating to Western culture, his obstacles imposed by the Chinese Exclusion Act, and his seven-year separation from his new bride and daughter, left behind amidst World War II. Cheer him on as he reunites with and brings his wife “home to America” and builds an unimaginably successful business in the Bay Area of Northern California. Through this business, he not only provided abundance for his wife and their six children, but also sponsored more than fifty immigrant families in their own quests for a better future. Embrace the powerful human instinct of “paying it forward.”