Lucky Costasaurus and the Golden-Winged Vultures

A fishing village, Goa. Lucky finds himself in a ramshackle cottage on Mangrove Lane as the son of the humans, the Costas. The vulnerable yet resilient fellow has three burning questions.

First, is he the only dinosaur in the world?

Second, are his peculiar wings a cruel trick of nature or its miracle?

Third, is a pair of toxic-looking vultures stalking him or is it his imagination?

The troubles that befall Lucky, take him from the fishing village in Goa to the witch Kika’s house in the jungle; to 100 B.C. Egypt, and from the icy peaks of the North Pole to the barren desert of Kutch. The human children; the serial cartwheel spinner Peter, and his fearless karate-nerd sister Eva are Lucky’s co-passengers in his magical adventure rides.